SINGLE REVIEW: Catfish And The Bottlemen – Fluctuate

With their third studio album ‘The Balance’ slated for release in April 2019, Catfish And The Bottlemen are making the most of their new release schedule by dropping another new track. Fluctuate’ has been a fan favourite in their live set since May last year and has been one fans have been eagerly anticipating a studio version of. Production wise this song is nothing new or ground breaking that you haven’t heard from this band before. But it’s a decent rock track that has a big anthemic chorus that you can already imagine hearing being screamed at a festival. Sonically it sits in a similar realm to ‘Longshot’ with a very similar chord progression during the chorus. But the verses have a heavier drum focused feel which really drives the big sound.  It’s a great song that you can imagine witnessing live but ‘Longshot’ is more attentive in captivating you as a listener.