LIVE REVIEW: Yungblud – The Triffid 

Australia was one of the first places to really support Yungblud, and the British singer-songwriter didn’t let the sold out all ages Brisbane crowd forget that by delivering them a sweaty and unforgettable live show as a proud thank you in return. Bursting with energy, the 20 year old punk-rocker ran onstage to the opening chords of ‘21st Century Liability’ and emptied bottles of water into the crowd just like any old-school rocker would. “Brisbane! How are we doing tonight?” he screamed to the packed room of The Triffid as he seductively teased and took his jacket off to reveal a tight t-shirt underneath. As he did this he sang “it’s getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes” in acapella form which previewed the cheeky humour and personality that was to follow during the 75 minute set. Leading straight into ‘I Love You, Will You Marry Me’, ‘King Charles’ and ‘Psychotic Kids’, it immediately blind sighted me how passionate and loud his fans were by screaming along to every lyric. And it also took him by surprise too. “Fucking slay” he screamed before proclaiming “Brisbane, you guys are the best Aussie crowd yet. Fuck you!”. And the rest of the night was filled with just as many excitable expletives and a whole lot of suggestive tongue poking . 

Getting everyone to sit on the floor during ‘Anarchist’ he then had everyone jumping up like crazy before singing passionately during the very important ‘Polygraph Eyes’. The crowd screamed and cheered along for a minute straight after he performed that song and he stood there soaking it all in with a massive smile on his face. It was one of those special moments that seemed so special because he had a room of mixed genders singing along in unison to a song that is so relevant and needed right now. “Leave it alone mate. She doesn’t want to go home with ya, home with ya, no”. With only one album out in the world, the show did hear him playing some new songs like ‘Ice Cream Man’ and the fiery new single ‘Loner’ that the crowd unsurprisingly already knew all the words to as well. But before he played fan favourite ‘Medication’ he took a brief moment to congratulate Halsey for her co-hosting and performance role on Saturday Night Live which was a cute and candid little moment. 

His live band were so tight in their delivery as they powered through ‘Kill Somebody’, ‘Tin Pan Boy’ and the anthemic ‘California’ as well as some extra tight outro’s and solos. Leaving the stage for a brief moment he returned to his eulogy blasting through the sound system before kicking off the encore with ‘Die For The Hype’. He didn’t want to leave and the crowd didn’t want him to either but he tied together his set with ‘Doctor Doctor’ and ‘Machine Gun’ before jumping on the barrier and hugging all the fans that were holding on for dear life. Throughout this set he proved why he deserved to be playing a string of sold out shows on the other side of the world because his energy is unlike anyone else out there. His show is so unique to him. It has such an empowering aspect to it which took me back to my angsty emo days listening to My Chemical Romance and Fall Out Boy where I wished I had the opportunity to witness them in such an intimate and cool settling like this new wave of angsty fans got to witness Yungblud. . 

Yungblud Australian Tour 

Wed 13 Feb – The Gov, Adelaide *SOLD OUT*

Thur 14 Feb – The Factory Theatre, Sydney *SOLD OUT*

Sun 17 Feb – Badlands Bar *18+*

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