EP REVIEW: Meghan Trainor – The Love Train

With her third studio album ‘Treat Myself’ meant to be released in January, the pre-order disappeared from ITunes overnight and the listing was replaced with a TBA status. With no real explanation given, it was a bit confusing as to what was happening in the Meghan Trainor camp. But whilst the uncertainty is in the air, she has released an EP of songs that are expected to feature on the record. ‘The Love Train’ comes just in time for Valentines Day and serves as a collection of romantic songs that will have your heart skipping a beat. These tracks show a strong progression towards a even more polished pop sound from her sophomore record ‘Thank You’. Opening with the playful ‘All The Ways’ she sets the mood perfectly with an upbeat and beat driven guitar riff. It just has this uplifting and carefree feel that explores the gushy emotions of falling in love. It’s super pop production perfectly transitions into the Rachel Platten and Sheppard inspired ‘I’m Down’ and the epic ‘Foolish’ which would’ve fitted perfectly on her last studio album with its funky vibe. “They say that fools rush in. But I, oh I, I wanna be foolish with you”. All of these songs have a very romantic and positive feel to them which makes it the perfect soundtrack to your Valentines Day (unless you’re going to be alone like me where you might want to play Sasha Sloan’s EP ‘Loser’ instead which is a total vibe too). But next to these big pop songs she does throw it back to the doo-woop and stripped back sound she first introduced on ‘Marry Me’ and ‘After You’ which are all loved up as you can imagine from their titles. But the EP’s most wholesome moment comes from the cheesy closer ‘Good Mornin’ which features her dad. This song sounds like a track that is meant to be featured in the credits of a family film, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. This EP does show a strong promise with what is to come from Trainor’s third studio album and in the meantime I’m going to pretend I’m in love and go blast ‘All the Ways’ for a few hours.