ALBUM REVIEW: Ariana Grande – Thank U, Next

The hype surrounding Ariana Grande is officially next level. She’s the global superstar who has defied all odds, picked herself up through some very public tough times and has continued to empower and inspire young women with her pure strength through her music. Her fourth studio album ‘Sweetner’ was only released a couple of months ago but she’s already backed it up with another slick collection of tracks. ‘Thank U, Next’ is not only her fifth studio album but it’s also what her fourth studio album should’ve been. It’s a cohesive collection of tracks that further experiment with the R&B heavy sound she’s adapted. The loved up opener ‘Imagine’ explores unattainable love which sits somewhere in the “now and forever” territory. It’s a dreamy and beautiful moment that will have you reminiscing on your previous relationships and wishing things played out differently. But from there she gets a little vulnerable with ‘Needy’ which plays as a confessional to her insecurities and ‘NASA’ where she admits that she sometimes needs space from her lover for herself. “It’s like I’m the universe and you’ll be N-A-S-A”. And both these tracks heavily rely on polished RNB beats to help add to the slick harmonies. From there she sonically delivers the sequel to ‘Side To Side’ on the instant fan favourite ‘Bloodline’ before my personal favourite ‘Fake Smile’ which is so honest to the current state of social media and society. “Fuck a fake smile” she confesses in reference to the pressures of always acting happy even when she’s not. She then backs it up wit the experimental ‘Bad Idea’ that has one of the fieriest outro’s that is so extra and perfect. From there the production remains strong for ‘Make Up’, ‘Ghostin’ and ‘In My Head’ which are good on their own but gets a little lost within the 12 tracks. Turning up the hype ‘7 Rings’ and ‘Thank U, Next’ deliver the ultimate hits which ties into the album closer and new single ‘Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored’ which has caused quite the online storm. The controversial but fiery track hears her proclaiming exactly what you think and we are all here for it. It’s sassy, honest and fun. And let’s be honest, we’ve all thought it before. It’s a little over hyped but it’s a track that will continue to create a lot of buzz for her and will see some sick remixes coming into the light. It’s  a very cohesive collection of tracks which hears her making the album that ‘Sweetner’ should’ve been. It’s sounds more confident and bold with her lyrical stances, and hears her strengthening her production to a whole new level. 

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