SINGLE REVIEW: Vera Blue – Like I Remember You

Vera Blue is the understated indie-pop queen of Australia. Her debut album ‘Perennial’ was a flawless collection of heartbreak and empowerment tracks that saw her unveiling her vulnerability to the world. For her forthcoming sophomore record she’s started heading towards a more polished and romantic sound with the Fleetwood Mac inspired ‘All The Pretty Girls’ and her new DIY single. At face value, ’Like I Remember You’ is a heartbreak song, full of raw emotion and vulnerability. But that’s not all this song is. She’s teamed up with Greenpeace to co-release this single for their new ‘People Vs Oil’ campaign which focuses on the protection of the Southern Ocean. To do this they’ve released a stunning video that shows just what oil mining is affecting and turns the focus of preservation into an emotional one. Co-written with Julia Stone who also does backing vocals on the track, she reflects on an old relationship and the good times they shared together. She asks the age old question; “Do you remember me like I remember you?” as she considers what the other person thinks of when they reflect on the relationship. Do they think of the happy times? Or do they think of the toxicity and heartbreak that followed? The production is very DIY and begins with slightly pulsating indie-synths along with dreamy distortion which gives you that classic Vera Blue sound. But then they add in construction site noises that sound like they’re ripping the relationship apart to search for the emotions and trying to rapidly put it all back together. It’s quite different and on a first listen it will catch you off guard. But after a second and third listen, the odd percussion becomes one of your favourite things about it.