SINGLE REVIEW: Kian – Childism

Solely from the release of his debut single ‘Waiting’, Castlemaine teenager Kian has made a massive impact on the Australian music industry. The breakthrough single saw him debuting at number 20 on the 2018 Triple J Hottest 100, reaching number 16 on the Aria Charts and rake in over 24 million streams on Spotify alone. It’s safe to say he’s gone a little viral and it’s not hard to see why. His personal and charismatic indie-pop is genuine and honest. His second single ‘Childism’ hears him continuing to hone this sound in a bigger and even more commercially driven way. From the simple guitar strums at the start, this song is driven by a background handclap which allows the flow of harmonies and drums to ease in and out to give big impactful moments. Reflecting on personal growth he talks about the importance of opening up to others and loving himself before anyone else whilst in that awkward in between age of being a child and a adult. “Only ever see me with my head down. Hoping that today, I won’t stand out”. After a first listen you will already have the hook stuck in your head and will be ready to hit the replay button over and over again because it’s THAT catchy. It’s a strong radio contender and will do really well with playlist and media adds and truly cements the fact that he won’t just be a one hit wonder.