SINGLE REVIEW: R3HAB feat. Icona Pop – This Is How We Party

From the moment I saw this title, I already knew where this direction was going to go and I wasn’t excited. Recently R3HAB has been playing it safe and releasing tracks that fail to create a memorable impact and that’s a shame because the Dutch producer does have big potential in this saturated EDM market. On the other hand, Icona Pop are one of my favourite underrated pop acts. Their carefree tracks are so unique and slick and it completely baffles me why they aren’t bigger than they are. But as soon as I saw these two collaborate I had a sinking feeling. ‘This Is How We Party is exactly what you expect; a generic dance track about partying. How revolutionising. But it’s not even a good generic track like ‘I Love It’ which has become an anthem of a generation in it’s own right. Instead it’s just predictable, boring and very surface level. They even sample S.O.A.P’s iconic ‘This Is How We Party’ to try and give it a retro edge but it doesn’t really hit the mark. Instead it turns a really groovy and nostalgic pop song into a really tacky and generic re-hash that didn’t need to happen. Even at 2 minutes and 28 seconds long, it’s still too long.