SINGLE REVIEW Khalid feat. Disclosure – Talk

I think it’s safe to say Khalid is not going to slow down anytime soon with his release schedule. The viral R&B singer seems to constantly release tracks like it’s running out of fashion and his fans do not seem to mind. With is sophomore studio album slated for release later this year he’s just dropped the lead single which offers a completely different vibe to his last EP ‘Suncity’. Teaming up with Disclosure for ‘Talk’ he heads towards a groovier polished production which compliments songs like ‘8teen’, ‘Another Sad Love Song’ and ‘American Teen’ from his debut album. Disclosure have taken a similar production approach to their work with Sam Smith by allowing his soulful and smooth R&B vocals to shine through the slick production. It also has quite a DIY element to it which makes it uniquely stand out and become a track that not only mainstream radio will jump on but Triple J will spin too. Lyrically they look at the communication aspects of relationships that sometimes get left behind and forgotten. “Can’t we just talk? Can’t we just talk? Talk about where we’re going.” He pleads to his partner to have an open dialogue so they can save where it is heading towards. it’s definitely his catchiest and most pop directed release since his debut album and it’s fun.