SINGLE REVIEW: Kelly Rowland – Crown

I was eight years old when Kelly Rowland released ‘Stole’ and I didn’t realise at the time just how important this song was going to be as a foundation of empowerment. Over the following years I started getting bullied and mental health started playing a factor in how I was thinking and feeling. But there was one song in particular that I used as encouragement and empowerment through some of the dark times and that was ‘Stole’ because I wanted to overcome my inner demons. Kelly Rowland has some incredibly fun tracks in her discography like ‘Work’ and ‘When Love Takes Over’ but she also has some real emotionally evoking and powerful moments like ‘Dirty Laundry’ which hear her speaking her truth. And now for a partnership with Dove she has unveiled a new track which serves as a playful banger with a deeper message of empowerment. ‘Crown’ is a song all about owning who you are and not letting anyone tell you how to act and who to be. It takes aim at how important hair can be as a reflection of our self identity and how cruel kids can be in this process. She encourages people to wear your hair proudly like it was a crown, which is a playful and powerful sentiment. “My hair, my crown. Wear it how you want, girl. Show it off, go, girl”. It’s deeper meaning will truly resonate with people who are struggling with identity or with self empowerment and will give them a little boost of confidence. This track is so beat heavy and funky that you cant help but groove along instantly. And it’s a lot of fun, did I mention that?