SINGLE REVIEW: Greyson Chance – Shut Up

The evolution of Greyson Chance as an artist is a very exciting and promising journey. The American singer-songwriter has grown so much from the viral breakthrough of his piano cover of Lady Gaga ‘Paparazzi’ in 2010 which saw him globally recognised overnight. But a story has many chapters and Greyson’s is no different. After releasing his debut album things felt a little off so he took some time to grow as any teenager should. In 2016 he returned to release a promising EP which then saw him in 2017 going to college to major in History where he started to fall in love with music all over again and publicly came out as gay. In doing so he started the third chapter of his music career in a very raw and empowering way. He was now as vulnerable as he had ever been and his singles ‘Low’, ‘Good As Gold’ and ‘Twenty One’ perfectly represented that. 

As he prepares to kick off a massive North American Tour later this month he’s also announced the release of his sophomore studio album ‘Portraits’. The lead single ‘Shut Up’ continues the vulnerable sound he premiered in 2017 showing a raw growth as an artist. This romantic track reflects on falling in love with someone but being so nervous of how you are being portrayed that you overthink everything you do and say. It gets to the point that you just want them to kiss you to stop you from overthinking every little thing. “I cannot hold my tongue, you give me much to say. I’m sweating bullets, nervous that you’ll push away. And when your eyes catch mine, I know I talk too much. So give me your two lips and baby I’ll shut up”. It’s one of those songs that will give you a little chill immediately because it has such a special storytelling to it of young love that you will resonate to. We have all been in a situation where we are so nervous around someone that we don’t know what to say and continue to embarrass ourselves. And through the dreamy production this song represents that perfectly in a cinematic way. His harmonies will have you hooked and wanting to press replay over and over. 

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