SINGLE REVIEW: George Maple – Champion

After the release of her debut album ‘Lover’, a glorious sold out headline tour and a run of dates with Lorde, George Maple started to ponder what was next. How was the next chapter going to sound. What impact did she want to have as an artist. And it only felt right that she went back to being independent so she could deliver the music she wanted to create as freely as possible. So begins the second album cycle which isn’t always easy as an artist because everyone already has a pre-conceived idea of what they want to expect from you. And with ‘Champion’, Maple is going to surprise a lot of people. Heading towards a more DIY structure this song hears her slightly stepping away from the electronic sound her debut album delivered and gives a more pop directed vision. It’s sonically all over the place but that’s what makes it work. She doesn’t just stick to one sound or agenda. She evolves and shows a couple different sides to her.

This is a song about empowerment and she makes you feel that. From the the cheeky little sample “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Ain’t no, no, no, got nothing on me, no” to the statement worthy “So you wanna be a champion, girl. So you wanna make demands on the world. Well, you gotta pay attention. Make amends to your vision” she takes a step up. She aims to inspire people when they are feeling down and create a positive energy when they need that extra push. And that’s what this song does. After a first listen you will be so intrigued by the production and structure that you will press replay to get a second taste, and from there you will be hooked. It’s so bold and different that it stands out and welcomes George Maple back in a huge and cool way. 

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