SINGLE REVIEW: David Guetta feat Brooks and Loote – Better When You’re Gone

I used to think David Guetta was so innovative and had such a strong vision to the future of dance music. But over the past couple of years he’s proven to just follow trends and fall into line with the rest of dance music’s current sensations. Which is a shame because ‘Nothing But The Beat’ will always be an incredible album. But in saying that the French producer has released another generic track that offers no real substance. ‘Better When You’re Gone’ sounds like a quick grab for cash and that’s about it. It combines the country elements that are trending in dance music at the moment and incorporates it with a early 2000’s influenced electronic influence. It just sonically doesn’t go anywhere interesting or inventive. Instead all the melodies sound familiar. The only promising thing abut this track is it’s emotional driven lyrics that reflect on the art of letting go. “It hurts to let you go but it’s worse to hold on. But I know that I’ll be better when you’re gone”. But this heartbreak track deserved more justice, instead it’s generic at best and easily forgotten.