SINGLE REVIEW: Thelma Plum – Not Angry Anymore

With her debut album slated for release later this year, Thelma Plum has returned with another dreamy pop track. On the back of her massive headlining tour and appearing at Gang Of Youths inaugural ‘A More Perfect Union Festival’, ‘Not Angry Anymore’ continues her newly introduced polished sound. She’s come a long way from her indie-folk-pop roots and over time has dived into a dreamy pop state that hears her evolving as an artist. This song reflects on the ups and downs of a relationships and how we can’t always be in control of someone’s actions. “Did I earn it, did I deserve it, did I push you way too hard the way I always push too far”. It also hears her taking responsibility for the fact that maybe she was the reason that some of the downs that happened. This is something that we don’t always admit to and it’s important to take blame every now and then and be the bigger person because it’s all about evolving as a person. Sonically the groovy polished pop sound floats between an offbeat synth beat and handclaps with a groovy guitar riff that drives the song’s chorus. It’s a great continuation of the sound ‘Clumsy Love’ introduced and will keep her on Triple J’s high rotation and in all your favourite Spotify playlists.