SINGLE REVIEW: Olivia O’Brien – Love Myself  

In a world where social media holds such a massive impact on how someone looks at you, it can be pretty daunting. We are always told that we need to have a direction in life and that we need to look like this person, date that person or act like a particular person to be liked. But in reality we don’t need to do anything, we just need to live our own lives authentically. And social media makes that really hard because we are always trying to impress or out do everyone with their “#flawless” photos and their “perfect lives”. Exploring that concept, Olivia O’Brien gives you the empowering self love track ‘Love Myself’. She strips it back to the key foundations of happiness and that is to be in love with yourself. “I don’t need to know who I am yet. I don’t need to have a solid plan yet. I don’t need to be the same as everyone else. I just need to motherfucking love myself”. It may sound cheesy or cliche but it’s true and O’Brien delivers this mantra in a DIY and gritty way. With a sweeping beat and airy guitars she shows a maturity in her delivery before adding in big drums and synths for a memorable hook. Her vocals are so definitive and captivating and take you right back to when you first heard her on Gnash’s ‘I Hate U, I Love U’. This is an important song and mantra for our younger generation to hear because it’s so easy to forget and feel worthless when we are constantly comparing and trying to live up to unrealistic expectations.