SINGLE REVIEW: Haiku Hands – Dare You Not To Dance

Haiku Hands are an Australian EDM-pop collective who have really cemented themselves as one of Australia’s leading new live acts. Their live show is a raucous and energetic affair full of party vibes, choreography and a lot of sweaty jumping. With only 3 tracks officially released they’ve managed to grow a fanbase that still come out to their live shows, embrace the live elements and manage to learn the lyrics to their unreleased material to scream back at them. It’s a very cool vibe. And to add to their discography, they’ve finally released ‘Dare You Not To Dance’ which has been a fan favourite in their live set for a while now. This is their most experimental and beat heavy release yet and hears them stepping further into the EDM realm. It perfectly represents the party and club vibes that their live shows create and white it may not be for everyone, it’s a lot of fun. As a studio version the song will fit perfectly in clubs and on Triple J’s night rotation but the live version definitely brings a new element and energy to it. “I dare you not to dance, fuckers!”. In saying that, the beat breakdown after the first and third choruses is INSANE. I want to listen to that beat on repeat. Its just so hypnotising and fresh.