SINGLE REVIEW: Sheppard – On My Way

Brisbane indie-pop four piece, Sheppard are really a no brainer for Eurovision’s Australia Decides song competition. After all their naturally cheesy indie-pop has seen them top the charts over the years around the world and gain a massive and diverse fan base. So their naturally empowering format is a force to be reckoned with. However ‘On My Way’ is a little too cliche, even for them. From the opening piano chords you can already visualise where this song is going to sonically go. With Amy and George harmonising together during the chorus, this song plays it generically safe. It’s nothing that we haven’t heard from them before and it’s really been designed to capitalise on their strong live performance. With hand claps, “ooh oohs” and a chant ready hook it’s very predictable. But it will work for them because it’s what they have always done so it’s easy for them to bring the heat and deliver a powerful live performance. So it will be interesting to see if Australia still connects with the same material over and over again or if they want something a little more experimental to represent Australia in the worlds biggest song contest.