Continuing on with the experimental sound she introduced on ‘Cowboy’, Finnish singer-songwriter ALMA has delivered yet another unusual but groovy track. ‘When I Die’ hears her throw her own funeral party and she’s unapologetic about it. “When I die, I hope everyone got two drinks in their hands. When I die, I hope it looks like a movie from Japan”. Opening with a strange country/western inspired guitar riff she immediately throws in a synth beat to confuse things a little. It’s a lot tighter and catcher than ‘Cowboy’ and feels more like her instead of a sell-out sort of move. The song’s structure is all over the place but that’s what makes this song stand out so clearly during a first listen. From the gritty verses to the soothing pop vocals of the bridge to the club ready hook, this song doesn’t make a lot of sense and it’s brilliant. “Dance, fucking dance. M-m-motherfucking dance”. And that’s what she gets you doing. The abstract pop song is all over the place and doesn’t sonically make a lot of sense but that’s the way of the future and I love it. She keeps you on your toes and ready to boogie which makes her highly anticipated debut album one that needs to hurry up.