SINGLE REVIEW: Ally Brooke feat. Tyga – Low Key

After releasing the average tracks ‘Perfect’ and ‘The Truth Is There’, Ally Brooke is trying to “re-start” her solo career again. The ex Fifth Harmony vocalist hasn’t had a lot of luck post disbandment and she’s ferociously trying to keep the momentum going with the likes of Normani and Camila Cabello doing so well on the charts and radio. Her “official” debut single ‘Low Key’ is a song that is exactly that. It’s low key and not really memorable. Sonically she tries to rip-off Camilla’s ‘Havana’ with a VERY similar vocal delivery and production. Once you hear the comparison you can’t really un-hear it and it’s sort of shocking that she has either intentionally done that or weirdly hasn’t realised at all. She’s even stripped it back lyrically to give something that is very basic and catchy just like what ‘Havana’ successfully did. “Low key, low key, you should really get to know me”. It’s confusing to say the least. And then you add Tyga to the mix and it seems a little unnecessary.  So it’s safe to say this song won’t create the buzz she was hoping for and instead she should’ve lead with something a little different. 

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