SINGLE REVIEW: Kate Miller Heidke – Zero Gravity

Later this year Australia will host Eurovision for the first time so to celebrate this momentous event the country will also host it’s first ever Australia Decides competition. Hosted on the Gold Coast, the competition will see some of Australia’s most prestigious acts battling against each other to represent the country. Each contestant has to submit and perform an original track in the live heats and prove why they deserve to get this opportunity. One of the contestants is none other than classical pop favourite, Kate Miller Heidke. Over the years she has perfectly blended her classical opera roots with her pop history which creates a very theatrical and unique fusion. ‘Zero Gravity’ is a bold song to enter a competition like this with but it stands out as something completely unique. Exploring her own battle with mental health she finds the importance of rising up through these times and finding that strength inside of her which is holding on. The production is very theatrical and almost sits in a science fiction realm with the way she’s combined pop and opera together. It’s a song with a lot of personality and emotion and it’s unsurprisingly a lot to digest on a first listen. After a few listens it will grow on you but because it’s sonically quite bold it’s one that radio and mainstream media will undoubtedly struggle with. It will be interesting to see how she brings this song to life in the live show and if she can captivate the crowd because she will definitely already stand out.