SINGLE REVIEW: Foals – Exits

English indie-rockers Foals are back after a four year break and they are ready to experiment even further with their pop influences. ‘Exits’ is the first single from their forthcoming fifth studio album ‘Everything Not Saved Will Be Lost – Part 1’ and reintroduces themselves to listeners in classic Foals fashion. The track is playful, experimental and has a grand feel to it. The song will perfectly fit into their slick live show and bring high energy with its festival ready hook. “I said I’m so sorry that the world has fallen down. I wish I could do something more, I could shout it out loud”. It’s a social commentary on the current state of the world that plays with a fictional idea that could in fact become reality. The nearly 6 minute song is a little excessive and with a radio edit also provided I have a feeling the 6 minute version will become almost irrelevant. The edit is punchy and delivers the idea in a captivating way and really should’ve been what the band originally leaded with. But its a great promise from what is to come from ‘Part 1’ which is slated for release on March 8.