SINGLE REVIEW: Florence + The Machine – Moderation / Haunted House

Another band who have decided to do the double sided single release this week is Florence & The Machine. Recently debuting ‘Moderation’ as they kicked off their Australian leg of the ‘High As Hope World Tour’, the English favourites have decided to officially release it to their die hard fans. Continuing the bold sound their last album embraced, this song perfectly fits into their live show as a big and joyous moment even though the song stimulates from a dark childhood memory. Reflecting on the time she was yelled at by her parents at church this song explodes with a big hook that is begged to be played live. It has this raw angst and sense of relief that will have you running around. “Then bow your head in the house of God. And little girl, who do you think you are?”. 

On the other end of the spectrum ‘Haunted House’ takes a very different approach. The minimalist track begins with only keys before adding in some strings and drums but not too much that it takes over the mood. The brief two minute track plays as a confessional. “My heart is like a haunted house. There’s things in there that scream and shout. They make their music in the night. Wish I could find a way to let them out”. It’s a very soothing and eerie track that is full of emotion and simmers down from the angsty delivery of ‘Moderation’. 

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