SINGLE REVIEW: Ashley Tisdale – Love Me & Let Me Go

After a 9 year hiatus, Ashely Tisdale finally returned to music late last year with the highly promising ‘Voices In My Head’. The mature pop song saw her re-introducing herself to listeners with a indie-pop delivery. She soothingly harmonised over the groovy guitar riff and alternative pop beat that drove the chorus. Whilst this was the most mature and honest we have heard Tisdale, there was still a strong pop focus that her longterm fans quickly connected with and embraced. ‘Love Me & Let Me Go’ hears her following it up with some dark electronic beats that showcase a whole new sound and experimentation. Reflecting on a toxic relationship, she asks her partner to let her go and move on in peace as she is finally ready. “Walk away, finally let me breathe. Stop being so obsessed with me. Love me and let me go”. It’s a darker approach to her previously released material but still comfortably sits in the pop realm with her slick production and smooth vocal delivery. It has such a fresh and exciting sound to it that you can’t help but be excited to hear what the rest of her third studio album ‘Symptoms’ holds. It’s a promising direction for an artist who was continually pigeonholed as a Disney star, but she’s broken free.