Late last year, Jackson Brazier burst his way onto the music scene with his official debut musical project after years of being a successful Youtube and social media influencer. JXN hears the 25 year old singer-songwriter from Melbourne introducing his loyal followers and new listeners alike to his low key and DIY sound. ‘Solitude’ grows through moody beats layered over a simple guitar melody. Reflecting on a break-up and the relatable emotions of feeling lost and unsure, he instantly tugs on your heart strings and wins you over with his vulnerable storyline. The laid back vibe of the song is very captivating as he croons through a vulnerable yet confident vocal delivery with some effects added for aesthetic purposes. Because of the melodical structure, Triple J immediately showed interest in showcasing the diversity this song has to offer whilst Nova and the Hit Network have also caught onto it’s massive potential with including it on their summer rotation. 

I recently chatted to JXN about the internal pressures surrounding releasing his debut single into the world, what his thoughts are on the massive radio airplay ‘Solitude’ has received and we reflect on some of the vulnerable lyrics. Check out the chat HERE; 

TB: With the breakout success of artists like Shawn Mendes, Troye Sivan and Justin Bieber from Youtube and social media, did you find there to be a massive pressure on making sure your debut single was the perfect mix of honesty as well as melodically strong?  

JXN: Yes of course! I knew I would be judged harshly on my first song mainly because I wanted to be taken seriously and this is my passion and what I want to be doing, I didn’t wanna be a “social media” kid just doing music and I think the decision we made on ‘Solitude’ being the first single was a good one for that reason. 

TB: When you decided to cross over into music, did you know what you wanted your sound to be or did you experiment a lot with different collaborators to figure it out? Because ‘Solitude’ has a real DIY feel to it.  

JXN: I’ve always deep down had a sound, I’ve never wanted to make music similar to anyone else. I want people to hear my voice and my songs and instantly know it’s me. It definitely has a few different genres mixed in. I knew what my sound was and I had to find the right team within producers, management and my amazing label to also believe in that sound too, because initially it was hard to find.  

TB: There is a vulnerable layering to the lyrics which reflect on the confusion and emotions surrounding a break up. So as a new artist is it daunting to lay your heart out like that for the first ever time? 

JXN: Not really to be honest. I understand what songwriting is about and I wanted to connect. I literally just wrote on past experiences and how the music made me feel.  

TB: ’Solitude’ has already received a lot of love on radio, it must be pretty insane knowing that this is only your debut single. Have you heard it in any weird places yet?  

JXN: It’s so insane and it’s still weird every time I hear it in the car when if I haven’t played it myself  *laughs*. I’ve even heard it in a grocery store, that was weird.  

TB: With the single being out for a month and a half now, have you found that your writing approach has changed or evolved that you now know what the audience thinks and wants? 

JXN: I think it’s still very much the same, I want my lyrics to be clever and inviting so I take that approach into every session.  

TB: My favourite lyric from ‘Solitiude’ is “Just one minute, tried to quit it. We’re just running towards the fire” because of its raw emotion that is triggered though that line. So where did this vulnerable and honest lyric originate from? 

JXN: It originated from multiple previous relationships and is just really the “breaking point” of a relationship when it’s realised.  

TB: You’ve set the bar quite high for future releases so what side of you as an artist are you hoping to show listeners next? Can we expect any drastic sonical changes or will it all sit in that RNB meets pop realm? 

JXN: I definitely want to show that I can be versatile. I have a bunch of tracks that all link up of course, but some are a lot different to others. But at the moment I really want to cement a sound. I want the next one to be better, more powerful and I want people to love it more. I’ll keep setting the bar higher with every release. I don’t want people to compare the songs either, I want them to enjoy them equally.   

TB: So let’s play a little game of rapid fire questions where I’m going to ask you some questions that you just answer with the first thing that comes to mind.

JXN: Okay!

TB: My morning pump song is… 

JXN: ‘Liquor Locker’ by Vic Mensa’

TB: The emoji that best describes my debut single is…

JXN: The dead flower !

TB: Pineapple on Pizza is… 

JXN: A yes from me !

TB: My ultimate festival line up would be… 

JXN: JXN obviously *laughs*. But nah, Amine, Travis Scott, Uzi, Drake and Lil Skies. So pretty much the Rolling Loud line up for me *laughs*. 

TB: This morning I… 

JXN: Woke up thinking about lyrics for today’s session haha  



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