SINGLE REVIEW: The Killers – Land Of The Free

Charged with high energy, The Killers have always delivered some of the biggest and most anthemic sounding pop-rock tracks of the last decade. One thing they’ve always held onto at the same time is a political presence by making sure their thoughts are known and awareness is made on important topics. Their last album ‘Wonderful Wonderful’ was a raw product of these thoughts and with the band currently touring the world they’ve decided to release another thought provoking track. Whilst ‘Land Of The Free’ falls under The Killers name, lead singer Brandon Flowers worked on this track alone with longtime collaboration Jacknife Lee. Beginning with just an emotional piano, Flowers sings about the history of America and the safety the country brought to immigrants.  With a gospel choir harmonising with his vocals he begins to add in percussion and guitar riffs before it all comes together for the final hook. Throughout the song he explores the issues that the country is facing with gun control, racism and safety. “When I go out in my car, I don’t think twice but if you’re the wrong colour skin you grow up looking over both your shoulders. In the land of the free”. It’s something that is so thought provoking and creates this emotional urgency. However the production just falls a little flat. It doesn’t feel like a The Killers song melodically at all. And definitely feels like a solo Brandon Flowers song instead which is what it should’ve been marketed as.