2018 introduced the Swedish singer-songwriter LOVA to the world stage with her infectious melodies and honest storytelling. ‘You Me And The Silence’ and ‘Insecurities’ painted a beautiful canvas for the beginning of her career. She immediately stood out and offered something a little different to the indie-pop world. After the release of her debut EP ‘Scripted Reality’, she’s re-appeared with a very strong pop song that has the potential to break the mainstream market. ‘My Name Isn’t’ comfortably sits in the playful pop world that Marielle’s ‘I’m A Mess Without You’ lingered and dives into a cheeky direction whilst keeping her honest and emotional approach. Reflecting on self-worth she stresses the importance of loving yourself and not letting someone else determine your happiness or thoughts with the chorus really defining that with the line “my name isn’t yours”. She then goes a little further to make sure you get the message. “My name isn’t honey. I will always do whatever I feel like. Honestly, you don’t own me”. She layers all of this together with slick and experimental beats that create a cool pop moment. It’s instantly catchy and will become a track that you want to blast loud when you’re feeling a little down and need a pick me up.