SINGLE REVIEW: Hozier – Almost (Sweet Music)

After successfully cracking the mainstream market with his alternative blues fusion in 2014, Hozier is finally returning with his sophomore studio album. ‘Wasteland, Baby!’ will be released on March 1 and hears him continuing the sound that you fell in love with him for. ‘Almost (Sweet Music)’ is a relaxed blues track that has a commercial pop element intact. Whist it may not be as impactful as ‘Take Me To Church’ or ‘Someone New’ he gives you a bit more of a polished product. Reminiscing on the music that inspired him, he rediscovers his roots in this love letter to music. He confesses during the hook that “I wouldn’t know where to start” when it comes to his feelings without music. How would he function without that emotional release or without that understanding he gets from music? And thats where this song really shines. Where as the actually structure of the track is a little boring and predictable.