SINGLE REVIEW: Half•Alive – Arrow

Over the course of the last year, Half•Alive have introduced themselves as one of the most talked about and anticipated new bands. Their debut EP ‘3’ offered an in-depth look into their unique sound which is very experimental and different. Their breakthrough single ‘Still Feel’ cemented their status as “the band to watch” with commercial radio jumping onto the bandwagon. With 2019 promising to be a big year for the Californian band with a whole lot of touring and the release of their debut album, they’ve kicked it off with a slick new single. ‘Arrow’ continues the DIY elements their last releases introduced and proves that they aren’t just a one hit wonder. They have this cool indie rock meets synth pop sound that sits weirdly between the commercial and indie realms which will encourage others to be a bit more experimental with their deliveries. The song reflects on the unwanted changes that happen in our lives and how to manage them. “The hardest place to be is right where you are. In the space between the finish and the start”. The chorus will hit you right in the feels and will have you reflecting on the big decisions and changes that are happening in your life. And whilst this could be a very dark song they layer it with bright synths and production which elevate the mood nicely.