SINGLE REVIEW: Eilish Gilligan – The Pull

Delivering high emotions, raw intensity, slick production and honest storytelling, Eilish Gilligan’s discography is a thrilling roller coaster of feelings. From the DIY approaches of ‘Creature Of Habit’ and ‘This Feeling’ to the polished indie-pop stylings of ’S.M.F.Y.’ and ‘Patterns’ she’s offered a very cinematic and theatrical soundscape. For her first release of 2019 she’s decided to strip things back and give listeners the rawest version of her artistry yet. ‘The Pull’ reflects on the feeling that knowing a relationship is dead but having an unexplained attraction to staying in it. “We said that we were leaving an hour ago.But here we are discussing to or not let go”. From the opening notes of confusion and realisations she confesses that she knows she could potentially move on with someone else but that would mean letting go of her past. “I might feel it different in a month. Feel the pull with someone else. But then I recalled the pull of you and it’s more violent than I ever knew”. Her songs are always so articulately structured with the lyrics painting this haunting and vivid storyline in your head. You can feel the heartbreak and confusion with every lyric as the simple piano delivery echoes the emotion. With no synths or electronic in-put this song completely allows you to hear her at her rawest; where all her demo’s start, with just her and a piano. It’s a beautiful and stunning track that will have you in awe of her vocal capability and falling in love with her honesty.