EP REVIEW: G-FLIP – Drink Too Much

Viral. That’s the only way to describe the insanity of G-Flip’s 2018. In a matter of months she blew up, toured the world, sold out headline shows and started playing massive festivals with only two songs released. Now the Melbourne singer-songwriter is adding to her discography with the release of her debut EP. And it comes at the perfect timing as she’s just about to kick off a national tour with Laneway Festival where she’s notably become a member of the “must watch club”. ‘Drink Too Much’ offers two new tracks to the already released ‘About You’ and ‘Killing My Time’ which originally put her on the map. The songs had this quirkiness and raw emotion to them which had people immediately pressing replay and wanting to hear more. The title track kicks off where ‘Killing My Time’ left off with a groovy riff and pulsating synths that will have your feet immediately moving. It just has this grand feel and sound to it which interestingly uplifts the storyline of her doubting herself. “No one wants to ride my wave. Am I really that insane?”. She questions her insecurities, intentions and the way people react to her whilst asking if she’s enough. It’s a brutally honest song which has this slick and polished pop production. “I’m sorry if you ever have to carry me home. I’m sorry if I ever make you feel so alone. I’m sorry if I never ever pick up my phone when you really need me”. From there she strips is completely back for the raw ‘Bring Me Home’. This is the most vulnerable we’ve heard her yet and it’s a completely different vibe to anything else she’s released. It’s emotionally evoking and mesmerising and proves that she really can do anything. With just the accompaniment of a piano she captivates you and gives you a reflection on mental health and the importance of having a strong support system. These four strong and empowering songs embody everything she needs to have a long and big career and she’s well on her way to make a big impact.