SINGLE REVIEW: Peking Duk feat. Jack River – Sugar

Peking Duk are quickly becoming Australia’s answer to The Chainsmokers and rightfully so. The dynamic duo are continually delivering radio smash after radio smash with an accompanying energetic and spectacle of a live show which has seen them play every festival possible. With their biggest headline tour yet slated for March, the Duk boys have teamed up with indie-rock favourite Jack River for a sweet (excuse the pun) new track. ‘Sugar’ follows the same structure as their previous releases and whilst it may not introduce anything new sonically, it is definitely a certified banger. But it may take you a couple of listens to appreciate it and that’s okay. 

What I love most about this track is that it’s so different to anything Jack River would ever release as a solo artist. And that is what I love most about the idea of collaborations in general. It allows artists to experiment with a sound that they want to do which may be a little too left field for their own project. And that’s exactly what they’ve done with this track. They’ve combined their two unique sounds and created a nostalgic 2000’s influenced dance-pop song. The little sample at the beginning of the song is very similar to another song which is comfortably sitting at the tip of my tongue but as soon as the beat drop it quickly becomes a Peking Duk song.