LIVE REVIEW: Taking Back Sunday – The Triffid 

Taking Back Sunday are no strangers to the Australian touring circuit. The New York four piece have graced our shores countless of times for headline tours and coveted festival slots and their supportive fanbase continue to come out to see them and their highly energetic sets. With 2019 marking 20 years of Taking Back Sunday, the band have decided to celebrate with a massive worldwide tour that sees them playing their earliest records back to back. After shows in Adelaide, Sydney, Melbourne and a headline set at Unify Festival, they finally wrapped up their tour in Brisbane with a two night residency at The Triffid. Night one was dedicated to the records ‘Tell All Your Friends’ and ‘Louder Now’ which saw a diverse crowd packing in the venue who were all very excited to be apart of this special show. 

The intimate nature of the venue meant that the fans would get a rare up-close and personal experience with the band which doesn’t always occur with the huge stages they usually play on. But for these shows they were really dedicated to the die-hard fans. As the band walked out onto the stage and kicked off the show with ‘You Know How I Do’ and Bike Scene’ they abruptly stopped halfway through for lead singer Adam Lazzara to get acquainted with the crowd. “Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We are Taking Back Sunday and we are so excited to be here. This is my favourite city to visit in Australia, but don’t tell anyone” he exclaimed before questioning “Okay, where were we?” and launching back into the final chorus of ‘Bike Scene’ seamlessly. With the crowd laughing along with his quirky banter in-between songs, he started to get the singalongs flowing with ‘Cute Without The E’ and ‘There’s No I In Team’ whilst ‘Ghost Man On Third’ also stood out as a favourite. 

“So far so good! I’m feeling good about this show” Lazzara confessed as he chatted to the respectful crowd who were just listening to every word of his strange but interesting stories. As he was introducing ‘The Blue Channel’ they told a story about how the pace of the piano intro was sped up during mastering and when they asked to change it back they were told no. They laughed about how it may have been a blessing in disguise because people seemed to love it but it didn’t stop them from playing the slow intro tonight. 

Wrapping up the first album with ‘Head Club’ Lazzara announced “Thank you ladies and gentlemen, that was the ‘Tell All Your Friends’ portion of the show. Shall we keep going?’. And within the first couple of seconds of them kicking off the ‘Louder Now’ section with ‘What’s It Feel Like To Be A Ghost’ the crowds energy completely shifted. From being a little reserved and respectful they immediately started running around, pushing each other and screaming the lyrics to ‘Liar’, ‘MakeDamnSure’ and ‘Up Against’. As the night got on Lazzara’s stories got stranger and stranger but no one was complaining because it was thoroughly entertaining and weird. After wrapping up with ‘I’ll Let You Live’ they returned for one final encore set of a couple of greatest hits. ‘You Can’t Look Bacl’, ‘All Ready To Go’ and ‘A Decade Under The Influence’ had the crowd singing along even harder before they said good night and see you tomorrow night to the fans who were coming along to part two of this mammoth celebration.  

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Photos by Claudia Bill

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