INTERVIEW: Haiku Hands

Continuing to deliver the high key party vibes, Haiku Hands have started to dominate the worldwide festival tour scene with big euphoric reactions and a run of sold out headline shows following. Ahead of their massive headlining Australian tour the collective four piece have just released the funky and cheeky ‘Squat’. This fun track has been a favourite in their live set for a little while now and is always guaranteed to get the crowd moving along instantly. With only three official singles released their debut EP or album can only assumably be around the corner because they have so much fun and decent tracks that you need to attend their live shows to hear.

I recently chatted to the super talented Beatrice Lewis from Haiku Hands about the biggest things they’ve learnt about themselves as a group from playing Festival shows, where their creative routines are inspired from and just how different their offstage lifestyles are from their party personas. Check out the chat HERE; 

TB: Later this month Haiku Hands will be kicking off a massive Australian headlining tour in Brisbane, so what can everyone expect from this crazy and fun live show?

BL: We pretty much want it to be a raucous house party with all your friends!

TB: With only three songs officially released, what unreleased song are you most excited or nervous to perform on this upcoming tour? 

BL: I am excited to perform some super new ones that we are working on at the moment. We have gotten some really exceptional new beats from producers from around the world and I can’t wait to hear them on big sound systems. They are massive! 

TB: Haiku Hands are no strangers to festival stages with playing at the likes of Laneway, Splendour in The Grass and Listen Out. It’s no secret that Festival shows can be sometimes quite hard, so what is the biggest thing you’ve learnt about yourself as a group from playing those sets?

BL: That’s a really good question! I think the most interesting thing about festival shows is that people aren’t necessarily there to see you, so sometimes it feels like the audience can be slightly unsure and confused. But then you sort of discover each other over the course of the set and by the end it feels like we’re all family. 

TB: Over the past two years we have seen a major spotlight been put on equality of female representation on festival line ups. So how do you feel about the progress Australia has made so far? 

BL: There definitely has been huge progress and that’s exciting. I still feel like there is quite a way to go BUT huge props to all the people out there who are fighting the hard fight and moving through uncomfortable situations to be who they are and do what they love. We see you.

TB: You’ve spent the last 2 years mainly focusing on singles and live performances, so what can you tells us about your long awaited EP or album?

BL: Well I can definitely tell you that we are working on a long awaited something. Could be a cheesecake, could be an album, could be a poem but this year you will absolutely be getting some good things! *laughs*. 

TB: You seem to constantly bring the party and euphoric vibes with each release, so how does a usual Haiku Hands writing and recording session go down?

BL: Our writing sessions are often held in Brunswick in Melbourne with our good friend and longtime collaborator Joel Ma aka Joelistics. We walk the streets, drink coffees and talk about things that we have been thinking about. From there concepts normally come up and we head back to the studio cave where we throw lyrics around, jump on the mic and try out different stuff. We often write and record tracks in a few days, it’s very intensive. 

TB: Your live show is fun, carefree and ridiculously cool to watch. So what inspires you as a group to create these cool choreography moments? 

BL: We all love dancing and exploring our bodies. We get together in rehearsals, mostly in Sydney and just play and find fun things we like doing and then that often ends up being the live show.

TB: You’ve played all over the world and done so many shows, so what has been one of your favorite touring memories as a group? Does the party stop once the show finishes?

BL: *Laughs*, yeah we often laugh at how different we are off stage. I personally mediate and drink a lot of tea, so a whole different type of party *laughs*!

We’ve had so many good shows over the past year, so many highlights. Some that come to mind is a warehouse party that we put on in Sydney before we left for our European tour. Playing at The Great Escape on an old pier in Brighton and the lightbulbs bursting. A hectic dingy basement club in Hamburg where all the speakers got knocked over. And, another recent one for me personally was playing at a festival called The Pleasure Garden in Melbourne, which is where I live. And getting to see heaps of really old and special friends in the audience seeing Haiku Hands for the first time which was super cool.

TB: Let’s play a little game of rapid fire questions where I am going to say a couple of sentences and you just say the first thing that comes to mind:

BL: Okay!

TB: Our pre-show pump up song is… 

BL: ‘About This Thing’ by Young Franco

TB: If we weren’t called Haiku Hands we would be called… 

BL: Animal Kingdom

TB: The emoji the best describes us is… 

BL: The fist bump!!

TB: Pineapple on pizza is… 

BL: A curious situation 

TB: The messiest member of Haiku Hands on tour is… 

BL: Chaos Emerald.



Thur Jan 31 –  The Foundry, Brisbane

Fri Feb 1 – Oxford Art Factory, Sydney 

Sat Feb 2 – The Cambridge, Newcastle 

Tue Feb 5 – University Of Canberra, Canberra 

Fri Feb 8 – Party In The Paddock, Launceston 

Sat Feb 16 – Howler, Melbourne

Sat Feb 23 – Spore Festival, Auckland 

Fri Mar 1 – Fat Controller, Adelaide

Sat Mar 2 – Jack Rabbit Slims, Perth

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