After beginning the promotion cycle for his debut album in 2016, it seems a little late in the game for Gnash to be finally releasing ‘We’ four years later. But in reality, it’s the perfect timing. In between this time the Los Angeles singer-songwriter has refined and grown his sound and really embodied the whole self reflection process that comes with heart break and mental health. With the Christmas and New Years period just passing, you do find yourself reflecting a lot on your past, present and future relationships and seem to get a little more sentimental than usual. And this collection of tracks really takes ownership of that reflective process and will have you empathising and feeling everything her expresses. Opening with ‘Happy Never After’ he bluntly questions if there is such a thing when it comes to happily ever afters. But moving past the cynical thinking he dives a little deeper in exploration. “If we never met, would you be who I’m missing?”. Following it up with ‘Imagine If’, ‘Nobody’s Home’ and ‘Insane’ he offers very similar vibes with emotional and reflective lyrics that will quickly become Instagram captions overnight.

The best way to describe the production from this record is as if Ed Sheehan and Twenty One Pilots had a love child. There are reflective and smooth moments like ‘Dear Insecurity’ which will have Sheeran jealous and taking notes. “I feel like I’m dying on the inside but I smile it off. I’m a mess, I’m depressed, I’m alone and it’s all my fault”. The raw delivery feels very sincere and allows you to immerse yourself within a confronting storyline. Where as ’T-shirt’ is a pop-punk fuelled moment which has a massive hook you just wanna scream the words along to. But the rest of the album is somewhere between that alternative hip-hop and rock fusion. 

The stripped back track ‘The Broken Hearts Club’ is a very simple moment that stands out because of it’s raw vulnerability. Reflecting on wanting to take control of your feelings, It’s very easy to fall into bad habits and sometimes heartbreak can feel very lonely and pointless. “They said, “Come be the newest member of The Broken Hearts Club. We hate every little thing about the people that we love”. But through every song he will command your presence and will have you completely immersed with his emotional soundscape. But the coolest thing about this album is the short but sweet closer ‘P.S’. It serves as a perfect wrap up of emotions. After the whole rollercoaster journey of emotions he eventually comes to the understanding that he’s happy and that he’s gone through it all to become a stronger and more prepared person. This whole record is a very rewarding and reflective listening experience. And will have you quietly reminiscing.  


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