SINGLE REVIEW: Washington – American Spirit

Washington never fails to deliver dreamy sounds with relevant and emotional lyrics. And for her second single from her forthcoming third studio album she delivers a politically charged moment. Originally debuted at Bigsound in 2017, she introduced ‘American Spirit’ as a love song to Donald Trump about how messed up the world is. Over time this song has evolved into the dreamy synth-wave track it has become now. With a Lana Del Rey vibe this cinematic approach paints a moody soundscape that takes you on a romanticised journey of the American culture. She’s captured this beautifully and created a moment that is stunning in it’s own way. “Smells like American Spirit, it’s a wonderful world”. The chorus really lifts this song into festival anthem territory and you can immediately hear the crowd singing along at the top of their lungs. It’s a simple but layered moment that showcases the evolution of Washington as an artist. Instead of being abruptly shocking she’s taken a subtle route that is equally as impactful.