SINGLE REVIEW: Stella Donnelly – Old Man

In today’s political and social climate, it’s important for artists to share their feelings, thoughts and take the steps to empower listeners on social issues. Stella Donnelly is someone who has always taken full assertiveness when it comes to this with songs like ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ which really created a big conversation within the Australian music industry. For her new single ‘Old Man’ from her forthcoming debut album ‘Beware Of The Dogs’ (out March 8), the Fremantle singer-songwriter continues to take a stand for what she believes in. The song reflects on the behavioural changes of society ever since the #MeTooCampaign started and the sudden rise in personal confidence from the social change. She bluntly questions the ‘Old Man’ who exploits his power and is rightfully worried of what may happen to him now that we are finally all taking a stand. “Oh, are you scared of me, old man? Or are you scared of what I’ll do?”. She immediately engages you as a listener with her honest and vivid storytelling that paints a picture of abuse of power which is sadly a common scenario. “Your personality traits don’t count if you put your dick in someone’s face. And no, it’s never too late. We sat there silently while you kept your job and your place and your six-figure wage”. Keeping true to her acoustic and folk roots she strums away whilst engaging you with key changes and a rhythmic inclusion. This is a very strong and empowering way to kick off her debut album cycle and will have you eager to hear the rest of the honest and raw album