SINGLE REVIEW: Lauren Jauregui – More Than That

Sadly Lauren Jauregui’s debut single ‘Expectations’ didn’t really live up to the expectations that preceded her. But that hasn’t stopped the ex Fifth Harmony vocalist to continue to create hype with what she’s going to release next. It’s no surprise that she has such a massive supportive fanbase after she’s been very open about her sexuality and invited her fans into her more vulnerable side over the years. Her second single ‘More Than That’ is a massive step in the right direction with a mid-tempo RNB beat that is seductive, vulnerable and real. She offers an empowering side where she finds her own worth and admits that she’s not going to settle. She won’t let any alcohol convince her differently and will stand her ground. “You gonna have to come stronger than this liquor. Wanna take me home, better be more convincing. It’ll take more than that to get to me. More than that to get your way”. Sonically the song sits in the same RNB realm throughout the whole duration and usually I would expect and want some structure growth but for this song it works. She uses her vocals to push the envelope on the song whilst the beat just repeats. The short but sweet song is memorable and shows a massive growth from ‘Expectations’, just hopefully she can keep delivering.