SINGLE REVIEW: Kira Kosarin – Vinyl

Whilst she may have first broke through to mainstream media from the Nickelodeon TV show ‘The Thundermans’, don’t let her past fool you moving forward. After the show wrapped last year, Kira Kosarin began to regularly upload acoustic RNB and experimental covers to Youtube which introduced her to a whole new audience. Kicking off 2019 with her debut single from her forthcoming record ‘Off Brand’, ‘Vinyl’ is a sultry and intoxicating track which will instantly get stuck in your head. The reflective and emotional moment reminisces on the highs of a broken relationship where music was a centrepiece of their romance. “We would listen on vinyl, behind a hand rolled cigarette. Mess around in the blue room to that song that I can’t forget”. It’s a very mature and seductive moment that shows her transition into adulthood and breaks that bubblegum mould she may have been associated with before. It’s a strong introduction to who she is as an artist and impresses with it’s experimental structure. From the chilled out hook that flows soothingly with the gentle plucking of a guitar, she transitions into a gritty bridge with a DIY RNB beat injected. It’s a unique touch which makes this short track stand out in only 2 and a half minutes.