SINGLE REVIEW: Broods – Hospitalized

With their third studio album ‘Don’t Feed The Pop Monster’ only a couple of weeks away, Broods have delivered a fiery and playful new single with an emotive storyline. On the outside ‘Hospitalized’ is a groovy pop moment that hears them heading towards a bigger and more fulfilled indie-pop sound. But in retrospective this is a dark and reflective moment about mental health and the importance of looking after yourself. During the chorus lead singer Georgia Nott confesses, “Yeah, I feel like I’m broken but I never got a reason. So I’m gonna jump, I’m gonna push myself until I get hospitalized”. The playful sonical structure gives this song an euphoric edge while, when you break it down you can hear the raw desperation of her confusion. That inner dialogue that wants her to do something drastic to just get attention from people so she can actually feel something is hypnotising. It’s a dark side that is lightened by the funky production and creates a very cool track. It’s stronger than ‘Everything Goes Wow’ and continues the new sound and aesthetic this third studio album is offering. Get ready for more cool vibes soon.