SINGLE REVIEW: Walk The Moon – Timebomb

After a band or artist experiences a one-off massive hit it becomes super hard for them to not try to recreate it. There is a drive and ambition there to create a bigger and more memorable moment but most of the times this doesn’t work. It’s only when they try something different and truly believe in the vision they want to create that this successfully works. And sadly for Walk The Moon their new single ‘Timebomb’ is a bit of a forgettable mess. Nothing about this song is technically bad, it’s just a little cliche and gimmicky compared to their breakthrough hit ‘Shut Up And Dance’. It melodically feels like this song has already been done before so it’s a little confusing as to why they’ve decided to lead their new project with this similar vibe. The uptempo nature of the chorus is very similar and has that anthemic feel which makes it sound familiar. However the song reflects on the actions we take that sees us pushing away people we care about and realising we need to step up before losing them completely. It has a great story behind it, I just wish it was delivered in a less predictable and average way. It deserves to be unique and stand out and not be forever compared to “that famous song that sounds the same as this one”.