SINGLE REVIEW: Catfish And The Bottlemen – Longshot

It’s been three years in-between releases for Catfish And The Bottlemen, so it’s safe to say new music is well overdue. Luckily for us the Welsh four piece have kicked of 2019 by delivering a bold and fiery new track. ‘Longshot’ captures the raw essence of their old music and delivers a big festival ready hook that will ignite their live set. Reflecting on the feeling of taking a risk and it paying off in a big way it encourages you to be a little fearless and ambitious. “Every once in a while, the little things make me smile, as if one of our longshots paid off”. The big hook is just one of those moments where you do just want to singalong and jump around like crazy with a couple of thousand of other people. It’s nothing groundbreaking or completely original, but it’s a strong alt-rock return that has a lot of promise for another solid album. The structure of the track is very bold and rapidly grows by adding to it’s strong base. Anyone that has been a fan of Catfish And The Bottlemen in the past will be undoubtedly very happy with this return.