SINGLE REVIEW: Betty Who – I Remember 

Disco is back and well and truly alive and so is Betty Who. ‘I Remember’ is the synth heavy 80’s pop moment that you’ve wanted so badly and will have you desperately craving more music like this. Ever since going independent again, Betty Who has been delivering strong, innovative and funky tracks full of emotion and flavour. And this song is no short of all of those things. The infectious love-drunk moment reflects on that gooey feeling of falling in love. No matter what heartbreak or obstacles come in your way, nothing can come close to that unbinding connection you feel. “I remember I don’t want perfect, I want you”. It just embodies this euphoric rush that will have you reminiscing of a time you felt that reckless in love. Sonically it perfectly intertwines with her previous releases and continues that slick and polished sound she has established. It’s a song that has real mainstream potential and would thrive on heavy rotation. it’s a playful track that is just a lot of fun and isn’t too serious. And sometimes that’s all pop music needs to be.