SINGLE REVIEW: Robbie Williams – I Just Want People To Like Me

When artists release b-side compilations they are really done out of a labour of love for their fans. And that’s what Robbie Williams’ ‘Under The Radar’ series has become. With the third instalment due in February, he gives fans a collection of songs that never made it onto his previous records. But in most cases there is a reason why those songs didn’t make it on the album in the first place and the first single is a true testament to that ideology. ‘I Just Want People To Like Me’ is an obnoxious and disjointed rock song that looks how fame is just a massive cry for attention and help. It’s a smart and quirky concept that could have been executed in a bolder and more commanding way. Instead this monotonous rock song loses momentum and quickly falls into the forgettable spectrum. The lyrics are fun, but that’s about it for what this song has to offer.