It’s not often that a demo recording gets officially released but in Sody’s situation this artistic move felt very right. When a song embodies the raw emotions and understanding that ‘Whole’ does then it deserves to be told in an intimate and honest way. And what she’s done with this song is stripped it back to it’s rawest form and delivered it simply and authentically. In between your own tears this song about heartbreak and finding yourself again will console you on your own emotional journey and take you to a very reflective mindset. Telling the story of surviving a breakup and picking up the pieces of your broken heart, she owns her survival story and finds peace and understanding within herself. “Bet you thought you took a piece of me. But I’m still whole”. Through a simple piano delivery and soothing guitar strumming she soothingly allows her vocals and lyrics become the centrepiece of this song. You can hear the emotion and heartbreak sitting in the back of her throat as she overcomes it with her own confidence that she’s found within herself. The song gives me similar vibes to Sigrid’s ‘Dynamite’ and will have it being added to your emotional playlists immediately.