SINGLE REVIEW: Sam Smith – Fire On Fire

Let’s be honest, Sam Smith’s creativity thrives when he is heartbroken and he once again proves that fact with the emotional lead single for the Netflix adaption of ‘Watership Down’. With the cinematic mood of ‘Fire On Fire’ immediately being set through the opening piano rhythm that interwinds through soothing guitar strums he builds an emotional climax. As the song continues to grow until the final chorus, he soars with a big note full of vulnerability, hurt and understanding. From the opening line of “My mother said I’m too romantic. She said, you’re dancing in the movies. Almost started to believe her, then I saw you and I knew”, he commands your attention with a raw honesty. It feels like you’ve just started to read a page of his most intimate and real diary entries. The common theme of heartbreak and hope combines to create a very raw understanding and listener experience. It’s immediately stronger and more memorable than anything on his sophomore record and promises a massive growth on his forthcoming next record. Sonically it’s not a big difference as all of his songs have originated from a piano which gives that classic approach but this song is bolder and more cinematically inclined. It’s reflective, beautiful and obviously heartbreaking.