SINGLE REVIEW: Dido – Friends

Can you really say you’ve lived if you haven’t passionately sung Dido’s ‘White Flag’ naively without experiencing the pain she’s vulnerably describing? yeah, that really is a mood isn’t it. But over the years that song has become an anthem of hope and love which you’ve probably become well acquainted with that desperate fighting feeling. After a five year hiatus the English singer-songwriter has returned with the announcement that she will be releasing her fifth studio album ‘Still On My Mind’ on March 5. And already wth the title I can’t help but wonder if she’s thinking of the same person she wrote ‘White Flag’ about with the hopeful theme surrounding this record. Celebrating with the announcement of her first tour in 15 years, she’s also dropped a new single. But sadly ‘Friends’ isn’t the memorable or commanding pop ballad you expected. Instead she heads towards a confusing electronic inspired pop beat that sounds nothing like her. It’s a drastic shift that holds the potential to be something memorable but lacks the execution. Usually her vocals dominate the direction of the song but instead for this one they take a backseat. The confused production sounds half finished doesn’t sound completely mastered or finished. It’s a real shame because the honest lyrics are beautiful, heartbreaking and empowering. “So don’t come crying to me. Don’t come trying again. No matter how I feel, don’t call us friends”.