SINGLE REVIEW: The Chainsmokers – Hope

Leading into 2018 I thought The Chainsmokers were a little predictable and gimmicky but by the end of the year they convinced me that they are evolving and growing as artists. Their releases this year were unexpected and showcased a level of experimentation that their previous releases lacked. ‘Sick Boy’ and ‘Everybody Hates Me’ lead this new wave of experimentation while ‘This Feeling’ and ‘Somebody’ delivered those big pop moments you were low-key waiting for. Wrapping up the year up with one last song, ‘Hope’ is a poignant pop and EDM crossover that delivers a rhythmic tropical dance beat and the dreamy vocals of Winona Oak. Reflecting on a relationship that was bound to fail from the start, Oak plays a heartbroken lover who is trying to come to terms with her fate. “You make me feel high cause you had me so low, low, low. You owe me some time cause you stunted my growth, growth, growth”. The most interesting thing about this song is her vocals because they tell a unique story with her vulnerability quirks whilst also delivering a level of empowerment. “I only wanted you cause I couldn’t have you. Now that I know that wasn’t love, that wasn’t love, that was just hope”.  The pre-chorus hears the production stripping back to just an electronic distortion of her vocals before dropping a predictable and overused breakdown which is a little anti-climatic. It’s a mixed bag which shows a lot of hope for 2019 (pun intended)