SINGLE REVIEW: Gnash – T-shirt

In 2016 Gnash went number one in Australia with his single ‘I Hate U, I Love U’ and was introduced as a versatile artist you should excitingly keep an eye on. Over the past two years he’s been teasing the release of his debut album and on January 11 he will finally be unleashing ‘We’ to the world. To coincide with the announcement he’s dropped another unique track that adds to his eclectic range. ’T-Shirt’ is an angsty guitar driven track that takes his usually pop-rap driven material to the punk-pop world. He delivers raw and honest lyrics about his breakup with his girlfriend and says what everyone wishes they could in a situation like his. “I gave you love and all you did was leave first. Then you told me that I shouldn’t be hurt. I tried to hide it, but it couldn’t be worse. You broke my heart and all I got was this t-shirt”. It’s such a sassy, honest and genuine track that will have you singing along after a first listen. It’s a little raw around the edges but that’s what makes it so great. You can imagine yourself screaming out these lyrics and thats exactly what this song makes you want to do.