SINGLE REVIEW: Avril Lavigne – Tell Me It’s Over

Your angsty early 2000’s favourite made a massive comeback earlier this year with a cinematic ballad that explored her battle with Lymes disease. ‘Head Above Water’ heard Avril Lavigne soaring through her honest confessional that releases a built up tension of emotions. Announcing that her sixth studio album of the same name will be released on February 15 next year, Lavigne has dropped another new track. ‘Tell Me It’s Over’ is another ballad that continues the stripped down nature of it’s preceder. Opening up about a toxic relationship she talks about closing the door after continuing to go back and further hurting herself. It’s a very raw and organic song that bases itself around her vulnerable and powerful vocals. The production is simple with a doo-woop sweep of pianos and strings but doesn’t really have the same cinematic impact as the first single. I was slightly hoping we would see that playful and angsty side of Lavigne again that we originally fell in love with but it is also nice to see her maturing and evolving as an artist.