ALBUM REVIEW: Zayn – Icarus Falls

It doesn’t come by much of a surprise that Zayn’s 27 track long sophomore record is a lengthy and monotonous affair. ‘Icarus Falls’ didn’t really seem to stand a chance next to his underrated debut album ‘Mind Of Mine’. This collection of tracks plays as a dark and honest look into his life post-One Direction with the aftermath of fame, mental health and heart break taking lead. This raw confessional is commendable but it also could’ve been more punchy and direct in it’s track listing with less filler and more bigger moments capitalised. Not even some of the worlds biggest artists can hold the undivided attention of fans for longer than 12 songs and that’s the way it should be. It should be about showcasing your most impressive and honest tracks that entices the listener to continue to listen. Not give up halfway through which is what this record tempts. The singles ‘Let Me’, ‘Entertainer’, ‘Sour Diesel’, ‘Too Much’, ‘Fingers’, ‘No Candle No Light’, ‘Rainberry’, ‘Good Days’ take up a good portion of the record and unsurprisingly also deliver some of the strongest moments. But there are a couple of raw gems that will have your emotions flooding and your feet tapping along. ‘Common’ is a mid-tempo RNB song that will make Usher, Ne-Yo and Justin Bieber jealous whilst ‘Imprint’ is a sensual track that will have you feeling ALL the naughty ways. ‘Tonight’ adds a euphoric feel to the production while ‘There You Are’ bursts as the albums big moment which has real radio and chart potential. The big arena ready chorus is anthemic and heartfelt and showcases his standing power. But the rest of the record is a little dull and forgettable with anti-climatic production and repetitive beats that all meld into one. His true commendable moment comes in the fact that he has writing credits on all 27 of these tracks with a couple of solo only moments which is impressive. He’s showcasing that he’s a genuine artist that isn’t influenced by a machine and is creating music that he loves and would listen to. And that’s exactly what he’s done on this record.