SINGLE REVIEW: Seeb feat. Bastille – Grip

The whole electronic pop-rock fusion is becoming a little tiring. I mean, so many bands have done it this year that it’s no longer original or surprising. Bastille teamed up with Marshmello earlier this year for ‘Happier’ which has recently raked in some massive mainstream attention. And whilst the catchy track was a bit of banger, it also wasn’t anything original. So I was quite surprised that Bastille have teamed up with another electronic act for round two. This time the UK band have teamed up with Norwegian producers Seeb for the only original track from their new mixtape ‘Other People’s Heartbreak (Pt. 4). Whilst ‘Grip’ was written by Bastille it doesn’t really feel like an original song. They lose their band elements with the production breakdown as well as the repetitive nature of the song. I really wanted to love this song and feel groovy but I just couldn’t. The song details the feeling of wanting to walk away from someone but not being able to. Which is something I’m sure we can all relate to. “I should just walk away, walk away. But it grips me, it grips me”. But that is honestly the only good thing about this song. The rest is predictable, boring and a little tiring.